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The essay help requested from the online essay help services can be different because each customer coming to order help with essay writing has specific requirements. The main purpose of our essay help online service is to meet all the customers' expectations and provide only the maximally useful papers. That is why we have developed the number of options for orders of essay help. If you doubt which one to choose, simply ask "help me write my essay", and the customer support representative will be glad to tell you which service matches better to your needs for the help with writing.

Types of writing services

According to the main requests from our customers, we have developed different services that can be ordered with our company. We have noticed that some customers ask us for essays help in form of corrections of the paper that they already have. That is why we have developed the rewriting, editing and proofreading options for the help with essay together with writing from scratch as an essay writing help. Those who need the help writing a paper with some business purposes, we offer a business writing type of service as the variant of online essay help.

Writing from scratch

The customer is getting an entire paper written from zero according to the instructions

Business writing

In case one needs the text to be written for business aims like a CV, cover letter, resume or content this type of service should be used


This service allows changing up to 70% of the paper; mostly used for paraphrasing or papers with a plenty of modifications required


Changes 30% of the draft. This type of service is applied for the papers with minor changes needed and style of writing improved


You will get all the grammar, spelling, punctuation fixed and mistakes of style improved.

So, if you need your writer to help writing a paper from the beginning, you are welcome to place the order for writing from scratch. This essay help will be performed strictly according to the given instructions and with no plagiarizing without indications of the actual source. The writer will ask for the clarification if they won't understand some point from your instruction. Thus, you can forget about your assignment when ordering essay help online, as you will just download the completed essay help after getting the e-mail notification.

The rewriting as your college essay help will be a right choice if you are not good at essay writing and you need the professional to fix your paper. If you need the same assignment as your friend has already completed, you can ask the specialist to rewrite and reword it in order to avoid plagiarism.

You can also request editing for your essay writing help. The writer assigned will correct your paper, but no more than 30% of your paper can be replaced.

One more possibility to ask for when requesting "help me write my essay" is the proofreading. If English is not your first language this will be a good way for you to make sure that the paper is well-written. No mistakes of the grammar, spelling, word choice, or punctuation nature will be present in your paper if it has been proofread by our writer.

With these services offered, you can always find the one suitable for you. Actually, there can be more than one as we will be able to combine different types under one order. Do not hesitate to cooperate with the company which is doing its best to adjust offers to your demands!

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