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Applications for Writers

Writer and Smartphone

Regular people think writing an essay or any other text is the easiest thing ever. Such prejudices appear according to every intellectual profession, writers are not exceptions here. Still, being a writer is one of the most complicated professions in the world.

Let’s join both writers and dramaturgs: there are only few good ones. How many films with cool graphics appeared during last years? And how many movies had their great and deep plot? We suppose, there will be 10:1 correlation. People learnt how to create good picture, good music, good actors. But the situation with dramaturgy and writing is still the same.

Because of this fact, writers need help from aside. Here are some apps, that will help you in your writing job.

  • 1. The Brainstormer

    Paid app, available for both Android and iOS. What does it do? It hits your creative stun, or even cures it for a long time. The app is pleasant to use, because there is a curious design and idea in it: you just twist the drum, and the app randomly chooses the plot, topic, environment or style for you. You can use available drums, or you can create absolutely new sceneries and events. This is a simple app with a great potential, which can be used by anyone, not only by writers.

  • 2. Pomodoro Timer

    Many people lack time-management skills in our times, but these skills can be developed with this app. You just set up a 25-minute timer for any task (in this case it is text writing). You can’t distract during this time, and if you do, you get the fine. After 25 minutes pass, you can rest for 5 more minutes, and them the battle goes on.

    The app is built on the “Pomodoro” method, which is quite famous in time management and which is thought to be really comfortable and effective.

    Remember: if you write every day, writing becomes a part of you.

  • 3. Agent Obvious

    Freeware app that will help you get into publisher’s craft. It includes tips on various aspects: from contract negotiations to the creation of an effective letter to editor’s house.

    Editing and publishing industry is a complicated professional branch, and any knowledge about it will be able to help the newbie writer. There is a good advice list on a big amount of questions.

  • 4. CalmlyWriter

    This app (and browser extension) was created to completely place you inside the process of text writing. You won’t find any distracting elements here, only the required minimum of instruments.

    There are only two fonts for your choice. That is a principle as well: you don’t need to have a difficult choice.

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