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Utopia Essay: Original Ideas and Tips


Exactly five hundred years ago the world-famous book “Utopia”, written by an English statesman, lawyer and philosopher Thomas More, was published in England. Although the book cannot be related to what is called popular literature, still it is well-known for formally setting a new literary genre. Literally, the word “utopia” can be translated as “nowhere”. Sounds like Peter Pan’s Neverland, doesn’t it? However, the place known as “utopia” is mostly associated with an enchanted land of beauty and abundance. Usually, it may be depicted as an ideal state with ideal society. Now this word may also relate to something you consider too good to be true. Still nothing prevents you from dreaming and therefore writing about what you think and feel is ideal for you. Besides, writing down some of your dreams can help you find out more about your own personality and worldview. It is an effective way for you to express freely how you see the surrounding reality, what you like and do not like about it, as well as to discover what you want to change and how to do it. Below you will find a few ideas for your writing and some guiding tips on what to base on.

Refer to the Plot of a Real Book

Tips #1 If you already have your favorite utopia story, created by a more or less famous writer, do not hesitate to build up your essay on its fundament. If not, take a book which describes either another world or an atypical life style of common earthmen. By the way, the island life of Robinson Crusoe can be a sort of nice example for romantics. Analyze the storyline and the way the characters live, the social group or even the whole society they belong to and how it functions. Add your personal opinion on whether it would be possible to establish this or that order for our reality, and make reasonable conclusions.

Tip #2 In case you are a fan of anti-utopias, use their main ideas to develop your own. Note that you can express both agreement and disagreement with an author’s point of view. State your opinion by providing more details and examples. Sum everything up and make the conclusions.

Focus on Some Problem of Our Today

Tip #1 Analyze an urgent problem, its causes and the ways it is influencing global processes. Also, search for its solutions or come up with your own, supporting them with well-considered arguments. Such essay is going to be future-oriented, so use more bright colors to describe the world which has recovered after a long serious disease.

Tip #2 Take one or two problems the mankind has been facing either since the dawn of times or since the times of scientific revolution and imagine what the world and our lives would be like if we never knew or never thought about them. For instance, you can write about how we all could live if nuclear weapon had never been invented.

Base Your Essay on Something Personal

Tip #1 Think about a place you like the most. It may be your own room, a cozy corner in your favorite café, the countryside and even another town or country. Whatever it is, let it be your own micro-utopia, where everything is on its place. Describe the place itself and how you feel or what people you meet there. Add a pinch of fantasy, but do not go too far, and you will certainly get it right.

Tip #2 Create your own Wonderland. Let your sane imagination do the job. However, you should remember about a few things which always require your greatest attention when you are writing an essay. They are logic and reasoning, so it is better to avoid inventing names for fabulous plants and animals. Be practical.

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