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5 Reasons to Go on a Pilgrimage

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,” – these famous words of St. Augustine have already become a commonly used cliché. We have heard them so many times that its genuine meaning has been almost forgotten. Nowadays, people have a lot of opportunities to travel, but hardly have we used a half of them. Why? Well, it is quite easy to explain. We’re too busy with our daily routine, making money, garnering a reputation or just studying somewhere. Nevertheless, we should understand that our young days are the best time to see the world. And here I’ll give you a several reasons why I believe in this fact.

  • Travel to See the World

    The above mentioned quotation of St. Augustine means this very point. Knowing the ropes of modern life as it is needs seeing the world. If you want to develop your own personality you should step out your comfort zone and broaden your horizon all the time. The best way of doing this is travelling.

  • A Trip as a Means of Study

    You can read a lot about foreign countries, their cultures and traditions. However getting to know all this stuff by yourself during a travel is better by far than a sole theory. A real cultural contextualization is impossible without a trip because a trip is the only means of practice if we are talking about appreciation of culture. By the way, learning languages is also less effective without traveling.

  • An Acquaintance Tour

    Well, actually every trip of our life can be called an “acquaintance tour”. While we are far from home we can’t help getting acquainted with a lot of people who might have quite a distinct world outlook and belief system. These contacts will improve our communication skills and form a tolerant attitude to the opinion of others.

    Meeting People of Other Nationality

  • Go Far from Home to Solve Your Problems

    People say that it is impossible to change your life in another place as wherever you go you always take yourself with you. Though you can’t get away from your problems, a short trip will help you to solve them. Traveling changes people. It helps us to understand ourselves better, to get to see our problems through and through and so find a brand new decision to an old question.

  • Traveling Is a Thing that You Will Always Remember

    It is often said that youth lives on hope and old age - on memory. When you’ll get old you will definitely bring call to memory sometimes reflecting on things you have done during your young days. A journey to a foreign land or just a short trip to suburbs will surely give you an unforgettable experience and precious moments that you will recall with pleasure in 60 years and sitting somewhere near a fireplace with your children and grandchildren. Furthermore, your grandchildren will ask you to tell them some stories of the spring of your life. The tales about wayfaring are that very kind of stories that will definitely amaze and fascinate them.

    Travel memory

So carpe diem! Use your time and energy in an appropriate way. Go on to travel right now! You’ll never be as young as you are in this very moment.

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