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Essay on Time Management

Time is the most valuable thing in today’s rhythm of the world. Practically all people have heard about time management, but most of them just don`t take it seriously. Nevertheless, they should. Here are a few tips on how to write a short essay on time management.

Looking at a Watch

Define What You Will Write about

If you have a limitation of your essay length, you should think of the narrow issue to write about in your time management essay. This may be your personal analysis of your time-table, tips on the proper time management for an average student or a businessman, analysis of the most common problems people have with time etc. It is also necessary to understand the manner you will write in: are you required to complete an explanatory essay or an argumentative one? To find an answer, check your assignment directions well, and after that make sure that you are going to follow them precisely.

Points to Take into a Consideration

Your essay needs to be well-structured and informative, meaning that it is supposed to have a few points covered. Talking about one issue over and over again within the whole essay will make your reader lose their interest and sleep. If you need a short essay, you should better select 3 main points that seem to be the most important for you. Each point will be discussed within a separate paragraph of your body. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Mistakes in Time Management

    You can analyze the main mistakes people make while managing their time. For example, some take really tough schedules and do not think about the traffic jams or situations, when things get more time than expected. If such an unexpected situation occurs, the whole schedule becomes a mess and they get late to every further meeting.

  2. Setting the Priorities

    A crucial thing about time management is setting the priorities of every meeting and action you are going to take. Understanding of the importance aids for improving of your productivity.

  3. Small and Big Deals

    There are actions, which take a lot of time and those, which take much less. While planning your day, you should cope with all the little issues at the beginning. The first benefit is that you will have less things to do. The second benefit has a psychological background: as you feel that you have less things to do, you feel more motivated and free, so it is easier to deal with the tasks, which are left.

  4. Having Some Rest

    People consider time management tools to exist for the increase of productivity, so they plan their days to be maximally filled with events and with practically no spare time. This approach is completely wrong. While organizing your schedule, you should pay attention to having rest. At first you may think that you are loosing your time, but later you will recognize, that your productivity grows. The secret is that after you had a rest you can cope with tasks faster and easier.

    Resting on Sofa

Assistance with Such Essay Writing

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