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Sports Motivation Part 1

Motivated Person

Healthy lifestyle gets more and more followers every day. Despite this fact, the simple decision to go in for sports (to go to the gym, to go running regularly, to train at home) is not always enough.

Probably, everyone had experienced such a situation: you tell yourself than on the next Monday, or when the next month comes, you’ll start doing exercises, quit smoking, stop eating much sweets and so on. But here comes Monday, or the first day of the month, and the promise given gets suddenly delayed for a week later, or simply forgotten.

What’s the reason?

The answer is quite simple and banal: in most cases, the reason of that delay is the absence of motivation (or not having enough of it). So, what do you need?

Why Do You Need Sports?

The first step (and the main one) to get motivation for sports is the clear and precise answer to the question: “Why do I actually need going in for sports?”. One thing is, when you have some abstract thoughts about what is going to happen once you start training, like it is cool and useful for your health. This “picture” will never motivate you to act. But things differ when you have clear thoughts about what you will receive once you go in for sports.

Man at the Gym

Find some free time, take a pen and a paper, then write down some main reasons about why you want to start training. Reasons can be different. Here are only some of them, for instance:

  • Self-Confidence – going in for sports is tightly connected to such activities as willpower training, overcoming one’s fears and weaknesses, hardening one’s character, doing more than one could think, etc. This means, training is not only for your physical body, but for your inner personality. People going in for sports regularly feel themselves confident in life and have strong characters.
  • Health –  it is a well-known fact that sport is useful for your health. You improve your physical strength, endurance, stress-resistance, immunity and ability to fight different illnesses. Digestive and cardiovascular systems start functioning better. It can be noticed, that even amateur sportsmen are less likely to get ill than people who don’t practice sports and physical exercises. Do you want your body to get stronger? Do you want to forget about getting ill? Welcome to the world of sports!
  • Physical Shape – sport is an excellent instrument to use for shaping your body. It lets you lose or get weight, get muscle mass, form a beautiful body. Numerous people who suffered from any complexes or had troubles in relationships, solve these troubles soon after they start training, and their life changes in better way. Shaped body is what can interest and impress other people, and to give lots of other advantages.
  • Public Acceptance – in most cases, people who go in for sports are being respected and even popular among people they know. Of course, for someone this is not important, but it can matter for the other person. In any case, positive relations with people is always useful and pleasant.
  • Disciplineany kind of sports requires human to systematically complete needed actions. You don’t want to go to the gym when there is 20 below zero on the street, but you go because you have to. You want to sleep longer and to miss your morning run, but you get up and go out because you gave yourself a promise. You were used to eat anything and not to watch your ration, but you need to keep up to a certain diet because results depend on it. You’re tired with doing exercises, but you continue repeats because this is the only way to the progress. These actions are what makes you disciplined and strong.
  • Perfect mood and good feelingmaybe, you didn’t know that, but happiness hormones are being produced while you train. This is why you feel tired, but satisfied after the training. Sports help people overcome depressions and bad mood, allows to look at the difficulties and troubles from another side, supports your good feelings and lets you positively perceive your life and this world.

See motivational sports techniques described in our next article!

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