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Recycling: Persuasive Speech

Junk Yard

It is hard to disagree that recycling is significant for humanity wellbeing and that it is a key to non-polluted environment and healthy life. Despite these statements, many people claim that such practice is just marketing and it does not actually make surrounding cleaner. Here are several arguments for the recycling.

Less Pollution

It is the major argument for introducing recycling programs as it definitely makes air, water and soil less polluted. People should recycle cans, chemicals, and plastics as these materials cannot be decomposed in natural way and when one throws away an empty bottle, for instance, it can lay on the ground for years. Thanks to the recycling mankind will have cleaner streets and less dumps as a great part of rubbish will be worked over. Moreover, factories in case of availability of recycled products will manufacture less cans and plastics and surroundings of it will be unblotted.

Save Resources

With the ability to use one material many times, people will not have a necessity to use a big amount of resources. For example, recycling of paper will definitely save thousands of areas from deforestation, as wood can’t be renewed very fast and many years are needed for one tree to grow up. As less forest will be slashed, the air will be cleaner and wild animals will live in safety. In that way, people can save resources for the next generations, because many of them cannot be renewed. 

Economical Reason


It is beneficial both for manufacturers and customers, as recycled products demand less efforts and money and have low price as a rule. Many people argue that creating recycling factories or stations is too expensive; however, it will pay off soon. Today, more and more stores use bags which are made from recycled materials that way they care about both: their own finances and nature protection. In addition, manufacturers need less money to pay energy bills while recycling materials, because mining, for instance, is very costly.

Fewer Dust-Holes

A large number of areas among the world are occupied by tones of rubbish which cannot be decomposed for hundreds of years. Such dumps are becoming larger and larger all the time and people have nothing to do with them. The only way is to start recycling waste and stop pulling cans and plastic into empty areas, as after that neither people nor animals can live in such a surrounding. What’s more, such places are dangerous not only because of disgusting smell, they are polluted with chemicals, soil and air and plants or trees cannot grow there anymore. There is also a big chance of unexpected fire which, as a rule, destroys the junk yard and everything around it. Sometimes, it becomes a catastrophe and people have to be evacuated.

To sum up, recycling is surely necessary for successful living. It has a lot of benefits which fully cover its minuses. Of course, it may be expensive to build a factory for waste recycling, but it will definitely pay off. Such practice is great both because of economic reasons and nature protection. Government and sponsors should better give money for its developing and establishing among the country.

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