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Opinion Essay About Gay Marriages: Ideas to Include

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There are some ambiguous topics you may find difficult to write about. Are you acquainted with the situation when you have a strong position concerning something, but you don’t know how to put it in words, or, vice versa, you don’t have any thoughts on it? If you need to write an opinion essay about gay marriages, you may find these recommendations useful.

Pros and Cons

The world has been arguing for a long time whether or not it is right to recognize same-sex marriages legal. That is why there are many arguments which you can use either to agree or disagree with them. Here you can find some examples of pros and cons of gay marriages that are commonly spread nowadays. You may not use them, or write about your individual thoughts. These are just hints to help you in case you don’t have any ideas.


As for pros, people usually appeal to the equality, every person should have a right for. Another argument is about the fact that the concept of the family has changed over the years, so it is now acceptable. Many religious leaders don’t recognize same-sex marriages as a sin anymore. Finally, there’s no harm for children’s mental and physical health if they are raised in homosexual families.


However, if we are talking about cons, you can mention that gay marriages contradict traditions; such families cannot have their own children; if they adopt children, they can be also raised homosexual, because of their parent’s influence. Finally, religious scriptures do not allow such marriages.

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Find Examples

Remember that whatever argument you choose, it should be supported with an example. Where can you find them? First of all, your personal experience in case you have encountered some situations related to the topic or just you personally know some people who have. Other great sources are biographies of famous people, books and films based on real events or, more general, the history. You may also find some examples in fiction, but it’s not as convincing as real people and situations. You will definitely find some links and references in the Internet, if you google for them.

Stay Unbiased

Don’t forget that opinion essay is a type of academic writing, so you should stay formal whether you are a supporter or an opponent of gay marriages. This topic is very debatable, but every opinion has a right to exist. You’d better don’t use exclamatory sentences or other means of expressiveness. Stay unprejudiced and provide the opposite point of view as well, despite the fact that you disagree with it.

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