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Why Do Students Need Blogs?

It seems that blogs are taking a huge chunk of the virtual space today. Actually, every third internet user is a blogger and every second is a blog reader. There is a big variety of blogs: educational, political, artistic, marketing and others. However, there is a different side of this phenomena: sometimes blogging appears to be a time-consumer or an activity for a very limited strata of society. Here is our opinion of why a young person may need blog and how it can be useless.

Why Are Blogs Useful?

  • First of all, it is a great opportunity to express your personal opinion on the things that matter to you. Self-expression is a big thing for us as it lets us to relieve our emotions and views. Sometimes brilliant thoughts are born and they cannot appear, for sure, without trying to state them.

  • If you are more likely to be a reader than a writer you are able to learn thousands of interesting facts and opinions. Usually, blogs are the sources of subjective views so you can pick up different sides of one issue if you are looking for them.

    Thinking, ideas
  • Blog has one facultative function, which is community-sense creation. Once you express your opinion or tell something interesting you receive feedbacks from your readers: they may like what you are saying, support your side, add more information or state the contrary views. This is uniting people with similar interests and helps for exchanging experience.

  • It is easy and nice time-spending. To create the blog of yours you do not need to spend too much efforts as there are a plenty of wonderful platforms for it.

  • Blog can bring you money if you know how to do it properly. What is more, a lot of bloggers often become well-known in their countries or even all over the world.

Why Are Blogs Impractical?

  • If you take your blog seriously you need to devote much time to it. People like seeing updates and new posts often. If you become an authoritative blogger they will expect your reaction to different important events.

  • In case you decide to earn money with your blog you will need to apply various types of techniques, apart from writing. Also, sometimes you will have to insert some advertising links even if you do not use the products of them.

  • It requires discipline. Sometimes you will even need to make a schedule of updates for your writing.

    Schedule, plan notes.
  • Blogs are disappearing rapidly and only the strongest ones remain. Without the proper efforts you can be sure that you will be known for your blog for a long time.

  • You cannot be as sincere in your blog as you might want to be. People are judged upon their opinions and if the views of yours are too radical you should better not post them online despite the virtual democracy of our informational space.

  • The community of the blogosphere is quite limited: usually only those people read them who write blogs too or are well-experienced and active web users.

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