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Effective Morning Time

Morning Time

How do you start your day? You get out of the bed. You clean teeth and face. You have a breakfast and you get ready to a working day. Yes, it is so. But at the same time it isn’t. Every single day is started with the morning, as a rule. But any people just underestimate their morning: they spend it being half-sleepy, performing usual actions.

Then it turns out that way, the morning becomes just a part of the day that started somehow; something was done, something wasn’t; and then a person gets into the day’s “body” by performing their job and interacting with other people.

But what would happen if a person could percept every morning as something magical, as something that is a new turning point of their 24-hour long life, as the capital letter of their reality’s chapter? There are not that many people who think about that, but such attitude causes really amazing effects onto the whole day that passes: it influences the mood, the tone and even events that happen during the day.

If you have the wish to make your life a bit better without going into complicated techniques and maneuvers, you will probably like ways to start the day effectively, that are described below in this article. Let’s take a look at them.

  • 1. Meditation

    There are numerous books, articles and videos describing meditation as something useful. What is to be said is that, one can get charged with energy for the whole day if to use meditation. It can help you tune up on a positive wave, to assist you while making decisions, and to influence positively on your physical shape. The best time for meditation is early in the morning, when the world is still sleepy a bit. It is recommended to devote from 20 to 60 minutes of your time to this activity.

  • 2. Sunrise

    If you’ll be able to wake up before a sunrise and to witness it, you are guaranteed to receive unusual emotions and pleasant feelings. If to say in details, watching the sunrise is likely to make you understand that you are a part of a nature and everything in the world is connected. Despite that, waking up early allows on devoting some time (from 30 minutes to some hours) for yourself and your loved ones.

  • 3. Contrast Shower

    Taking a contrast shower in the morning will increase your tonus, give you a charge of energy, and turn your thoughts into positivity. Take that regularly and you’ll forget about illnesses and feeling bad.

  • 4. Morning Exercises

    Exercising Person

    Despite the fact that there are different thoughts about morning exercises (somebody even thinks they are harmful), this practice has been used for a long time indifferent places of the world. First, it keeps your body shaped. Second, morning exercises help you to get completely awake and ready for a new day which is full of events. Third, it is about self-discipline: if to do exercises regularly, you strengthen not only your body but spirit and character. By the way, you can replace usual exercises with yoga if you want to.

  • 5. Visualization

    Once you wake up, devote 15 minutes to visualization before getting out of the bed. Imagine that you are not in your house or apartment, but somewhere on the island, for instance. You awakened in a bungalow on the seaside, palms and ocean waves are nearby, and a slight breeze flows.

    You are alive and happy. Get into a state of peacefulness, even if you are going to be in a metro train or public bus in 40 minutes. Feelings received after visualization will have a positive effect onto your emotional and psychic state, and this will cause positive effects on your perception during the whole following day.

  • 6. Affirmations

    Affirmations are special phrases that influence your mind and sub-consciousness with the goal to change the attitude to life, events, people and yourself. Write down or record such phrases: “I am a successful and happy person”, “I become richer both materially and spiritually every day”, “Today is a good day full of good events” and so on. Read these phrases as soon as you wake up. This trick is really powerful and effective. Moments after awakening are perfect to be used for changing your life “settings” which affected you for years. New positive ones will not only make your day better, but will improve the whole life in future.

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