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20 Tips That Increase Your Productivity

Productivity Techniques

If you feel lack of energy and can do nothing in time, you should think about increasing your productivity. Various apps are able to help you, but they won’t play well if you don’t change your habits.

1. Move from Words to Deeds

There is always something that distracts you from important deeds. Some people like thinking or dreaming a lot before they start doing something. Do you want to get the result? Then get it done.

2. Write down All Your Thoughts and Ideas

Humans have random access memory, just like computers do. It stores temporary memories. But the amount of your memory is limited. Old memories are replaced by new ones. It is useful to write down your thoughts in order to reduce memory load, even if you don’t plan to look through those notes in the future.

3. Learn to Refuse

Don’t be afraid of refusing something that does not allow to achieve your goals. The world we live in has many facets, numerous possibilities are open for you. Doesn’t something correlate with your values and interests? Just do not do it. This advice will help you to save much time.

4. Have a 5-minute Break Every 30-45 Minutes

Do a warm-up, have a walk, drink a glass of water. Get distracted from your work. Maybe, there will appear new ideas in your mind during this break. Maybe, you will ask yourself: “What the hell am I doing here?!” In any case, it is worth it.

5. Get Rid of Everything That Distracts You

Denying Distracting Factors

Time you might spend on watching TV should be devoted to something really important. Imagine how many things you could do!

6. Don’t Have Lots of Junk in Your Workspace

Chaos in your life causes chaos in your mind. Then it will be much more difficult to finish what you have started. There shouldn’t be any useless junk on your desk. Leave only necessary things.

7. Concentrate on One Thing

If you have to perform routine job every day, try completing its biggest part during one day. Do not distract for anything except of it. Then, you’ll have more time for other things.

8. Filter Information

There is no need to read thousands of books about effectiveness. Find something that fits you personally, and bring those ideas into life. Big amount of information does not always guarantee you success. Do not consume it without thinking. Get inspired and create!

9. Stick to Your Schedule

Decision making process exhausts your brain. Schedule and habits help it to deal with that exhaustion. Everyday habits are essential to support your working condition.

10. Avoid Multitasking

When you perform multiple tasks simultaneously, you can’t concentrate on something single. An average human needs 25 minutes to get back to the state they were in before the distraction. This is a waste of valuable time.

11. Check Email Twice a Day

Email check causes the production dopamine (happiness hormone). This turns into a habit. Human brain wants to be happy (or to predict being happy) more and more. At the same time, dopamine splash exhausts you. That is why you feel tired. Turn notifications off and check your email box two times a day at a set time.

12. Do Not Use Smartphone After You Wake Up

Don’t even take it into your hands during the first 60 minutes. You’d better think about the new day, tune yourself up, read a book, and have your breakfast.

13. Plan the Next Day

Try planning your next day before going to bed. Choose 3-4 most important tasks you need to complete. Set up priorities. You’ll feel more concentrated the next morning. Of course, it is pleasant just to follow the stream sometimes. But controlling your life is much more pleasant.

14. Do Not Think Too Much

Stop Thinking

This is a very valuable tip. Do not think. Do. And then you will see the result. If it satisfies you, then keep moving towards the same direction.

15. Go in for Sports

There are some necessary things: food, water, home, relationships, and spots. Regular sports exercises can make you happier, smarter, and boost your energy.

16. Laugh

Laughing prolongs lives and helps to deal with stress that kills your productivity. So, smile more often!

17. Stay Away of Conferences

This is the advice for those whose jobs are connected with meetings and discussions about ongoing tasks with colleagues. This is a part of corporate culture at some companies. But this is not always effective. It is often just a reason for procrastination. Do you need that?

18. Set up Priorities

Ask yourself: ‘Is it really that important?’ You’ll think: ‘No, it is absolutely useless’. So, why should you do that?

19. Have a Reload

Everyone can have their bad days when everything is out of hand. Get distracted. Have a walk, meditate, and listen to your favorite music. Do not allow anyone or anything to spoil your day.

20. Work

“Yeah, everyone can speak a lot!” – is that what you’ve thought? You are not “everyone”, are you? You are the embodied productivity! Act.

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