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How to Arrange a Party for Halloween?

If you want to spend a great time with your friends on Halloween, you should think about the proper party organization. There are a lot of details, which should be taken into account.

A Halloween Party: Creating a Proper Atmosphere of the Meeting

The following aspects are necessary to be taken care of before the party starts.

A Halloween Pumpkin
  1. Food and Drinks

    Obviously, your Halloween party will last more than just a couple of hours. People will definitely get hungry. Surely, it is possible just to order some pizza, but it is much better to cook something by yourself. For example, you may bake a cake having some weirdly-looking shape and consistence, making it look like brains, or a part of a human body. Decorations on top will also make your cake more appropriate for the party theme. Serving meet will also be a good idea, especially with ketchup, which looks like blood. Also, you should get ready to make cocktails. “The Bloody Mary” is a must have, but some more recipes can be found on the web.

  2. Playlist

    Music makes people feel more comfortable and sets a tone of the party. Therefore, you should better create a playlist of the songs, which sound mystique and scary. The music should always play on the background of the meeting, but it should not be too loud while communication or competitions.

  3. Competitions

    If not everyone knows each other on your party, some of the visitors may feel awkward and may get bored. To make your party really cool, arrange a few thematically suitable competitions:

    • “Truth or Dare”

      This is a game, when you learn more about people you are playing with while having a lot of fun. A person chooses whether to tell the true answer to the question asked or do something ordered. You may learn more about the people’s fears and use this giving them tasks to do, when they refuse to answer.

    • “A Witch’s Dinner”

      Before playing this game you should hide ingredients within your house. For example, you should hide fake snakes, cockroaches, snails etc. (you may create them by your own, or just print out pictures). Then you may give your guests a task, which is a list with the recipe (5 snails, 2 snakes and so on). The winner is the one, who was the first to find all the ingredients.

      A Witch Cooking
  4. Decorations

    The appropriate décor is a central element of a Halloween party. Your house should be full of details, which look scary. Also there should be a lot of Pumpkins, which are the symbol of the holiday. Here are some suggestions, which are easy to get applied.

    • Bloody Candles

      Put some candles around the house and add some read paint to them, so they will look as partially covered with blood.

    • A Crazy Doorman

      Put a decorated Pumpkin near the entrance door. You may put a jeans with a shoe in the mouth of the Pumpkin pretending that he has eaten someone.

    • Ghosts

      Get a few balloons or balls and pieces of white cloth. Wrap every ballon with the cloth and paint eyes on the cloth leaving the remaining parts of the cloth hang. Now you have got a few ghosts that can be hanged on the lamp or on the door.

Note: Do not forget to have some sweets ready. Put them into clear gloves to make the item more interesting.

And remember, that the main thing is your good mood! So, get ready to your Halloween party and have fun!

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