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Hating College: How to Get Rid of It


After entering the college or university, we often describe our feelings towards educational institution as hate. We truly dislike the place where we study without any desire to change our attitude. We've considered several approaches that might be useful while overcoming such feeling. Let's have a look.

Just Wait

The majority of students have the period of adaptation after entering the educational institution. It is normal for every human being, as you have changed the conditions you live in, and you are surrounded by completely another people. Such adaptation has several stages to deal with. The hate comes after you take off your pink glasses. At first glance, everything seems perfect as you've been dreaming about it the whole life. However, in some weeks, the realization comes. You have to work harder than you thought, you cannot find common ground with several professors, and you miss your family (in case you are living in a dormitory). It is completely understandable why hate has a place here as your expectations have been harshly shattered. Nevertheless, be patient to yourself, and give some time to get used to everything new. After being angry, confused and lost, you feel a relief dealing great with the tasks, finding new friends and being able to see your family at least once a week.

Care About Your Surrounding

Students Talking

Also, the people that surround you may be the reason for the hate. At first, it is hard to find real friends. However, there may be people who possess themselves as more valuable than you are. Such person, whether it's a student or professor, will try to hurt your dignity without reasonable arguments why he or she is doing it. Try to avoid communication with people of this category. Do not concentrate on their remarks about your personality as they crave attention. Try to make a joke from all of it. Then, you are going to be focused on finding people that truly value your personality and friendship with you. It will be easier to face any life challenges together during student's life.

There Are No Options…

Time passes by, you are still alone, you dislike what you're studying and cannot find common ground with professors you work with. “What is wrong with me?”, you may ask. However, the answer is “nothing.” You just may be a person who made the wrong choice. It often happens with people of young age. They are inexperienced and sometimes become a victim of parents' pressure. Think of your life. Is this what you truly want? Will your dreams become a reality with the help of this education? If the answer is no, think about changing the educational institution. If you don't know what you want right now, just take a year off. It's better to think about your life choice than spend almost five years doing the things you hate.

Be brave enough to take responsibility for mistakes you have done. Also, try your inner strength as the university may become your second home after some time.

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