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Why Are You Still Not Confident in Yourself? Change Your Perspective

Thoughtful Person

We live in the time when opportunities flow into our hands. You should only notice them and a make an effort to use them properly. We live in the world where creativity and intelligence are valued most of all, so the wildest idea might be a ticket to a better life. So, what impedes our success?

The answer is very simple - uncertainty is the main problem. Today your task is to find out why you still feel uncertainty and inconvenience. Let's do it together!

Comparing Yourself with Others

You are not confident, because of comparing yourself with others. Yes, this is the main mistake, but we can understand you. From childhood, we are taught: "Look at Ann, she is an excellent student and a winner of regional basketball competition". But you shouldn't listen to these comparisons because you may like painting, and basketball doesn't bother you at all.

Find yourself and do not be afraid of bringing new creative ideas – that is the key to success. Keeping in mind a successful example of another person is a great idea, but it will be stupidity to try to be him or her and live their life the way that they do. Even if you do this perfectly, you will be number two.

Communicating with Wrong People

You are not confident because of communicating with pessimistic and desperate people. It might sound very strange, but you should select people. It is only you who creates your environment that influences on you and teaches you as well. Positive and smiling people help you believe in yourself and give you encouragement. They teach you to live without fear of making mistakes, without being afraid of problems because they all can be solved.

With such people life becomes easier just because we treat it more easily. People with negative attitude towards life sooner or later find themselves at the bottom of their traditionally poor and unfortunate life. And if they will constantly surround you, without doubt, you will find yourself there on the same day too.

You Do Not Know How to Say "No"

Another reason why you are not confident is because you do not know how to say "no". It happened that people have to choose. Fear to refuse may play a bad joke with you. I am sure that a confident person knows exactly what they want from their life and what might be abandoned. And they do it calmly. With such people it is very difficult to argue.


Doubt is completely natural and important thing. If we didn't have them, then even the kindest intentions would grow into excessive arrogance, which isn't good at all. Doubts balance everything in our lives.

The main thing is to go on with them, overcome them but not destroy them. If you realistically estimate your strength and capabilities and like what you do, then any doubts just help you move on.

Successful Person

Let your past go, do not be afraid to look forward, believe in yourself and find at least one person who believes in your crazy ideas – you will be able to turn this world upside down.

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