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What to Write about Attitude and Job Satisfaction?

Why is it necessary to take care about the employees` attitude and job satisfaction? How to do this effectively and what should be taken into account? You can find some basic information on this in the following text.


The Main Aspects to Be Analyzed

Here are the main questions, which appear when dealing with the attitude and job satisfaction issues:

  • Why Should These Issues Be Taken Care of?
  • What Does Job Satisfaction Depend on?
  • How to Support the Employees` Job Satisfaction Effectively?

Let`s give the brief answers to them.


       1. Why Is It Necessary to Think about Job Satisfaction?

Every good manager knows, that if an employee is satisfied, he is motivated to work well. If the company`s development is the common aim of the manager and the employee, this means that both will do their best and deliver their work qualitatively. Furthermore, if the employee is satisfied, he will contribute to creation of the good atmosphere for working for the other team members.


       2. What Influences Attitude and Job Satisfaction?

Although the reasons vary for each particular personality, there are still some common issues, which are important for practically every worker.

     A. Workplace Conditions

A person should feel maximally comfortable while working. He needs to have all the necessary means for delivery of the qualitative results, and the work space should be enough. Furthermore, there should not be anything that makes any damage for the person`s health, such as high level of humidity or lack of natural light etc. There are some cases, when the harmful conditions are inevitable. In such situations they need to be minimalized.

     B. Salary

To feel satisfied a person needs to feel, that his work is appreciated and well-paid. Surely, if the person likes, what he/she does, money is not the main factor. Nevertheless, that person needs to pay bills and support his/her living. A salary should be good enough for the person not to face any financial issues.

     C. Good Schedule

A person hardly can be satisfied while being exhausted. Thus, a good work schedule should be developed. There should be enough time to work and perform the given responsibilities, as well as there should be some time for rest. A good rest makes the work more fruitful.

     D. Psychological Environment

The psychological environment is not less important than the previous factors. Even if having a good salary and decent work conditions with enough time for rest, a person won`t have good attitude and job satisfaction if being not able to co-operate with other team members. Being in a bad mood and feeling uncomfortable or under pressure will definitely cause bad results.


       3. How to Support a Good Attitude and Job Satisfaction Effectively?

Firstly, a HRM manager should analyze which particular factors are important for employees taking into account the common factors and those being motivated by the specifics of work. Secondly, those factors should be taken into account and the negative impacts should be removed as much as this is possible. Remember, that psychological factors, such as team spirit and feeling appreciated require not much of financial resources, but help significantly.


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